For the first time in the Republic of Belarus, the technology of manufacturing an automobile crane with an OVOID boom has been mastered.

The VISIT car jib crane is an innovative crane installation with excellent maneuverability and mobility . The main load-bearing structures of the crane are calculated using computer systems based on the finite element method and are made of high-quality materials (DOMEX), which guarantees sufficient strength and a long service life.

Due to the high value of the load moment, the stability of the crane from overturning is maintained even when moving loads with a maximum mass index. The high value of the load moment of the installation is due to the use of a counterweight and retractable supports. It is possible to work on retracted supports if the mass of the transported load is small.

The crane is equipped with an OVOID telescopic boom. This cross-section significantly increases the local stability index of the boom sections, which makes it possible to increase the cargo-altitude characteristics. Telescoping of the boom is carried out by one hydraulic cylinder and rope polispasts, which allows evenly distributing the load across all sections of the boom.

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