Emergency technical vehicle (ETV) is designed for maintenance and repair of contact networks of trams and trolleybuses.Мovements of the ATM lift  it is possible on public roads in conditions of heavy traffic and tram tracks with an open rail-sleeper grid, as well as under bridges, overpasses and in tunnels.

ETV lifts  are used  for complex inspections and equipment settings, engine testing, routine maintenance, de-icing treatment, and also provides transportation of a team of workers with the necessary materials, parts and tools, as well as installation, preventiveand repair work of contact networks using a working platform.  The lift allows movement within the site of work with people on a raised working platform at a height of up to 6 meters at a speed of up to 5 km/h. In the product range of the VIPOM plant includes lifts ETV-7.5-12; ETV-9.5.

ATM-9.5 GAZ-C42R33
ATM-7.5-12 MAZ-4381